The First of Many

Well hello there, fancy meeting you here?ย It is exactly 2 months, 2 weeks and precisely 1 day til I pack my very first backpack, get my boots on and head over on an epic around the world journey. Ever since I was a little kid, we travelled to amazing places. My dad was a construction worker, and I guess I was the lucky one out of my brother and I. As I still remember the moments we had in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and my birth town Batam. Til we moved to Australia when I was 7.


So travelling has always been in my blood, half Australian and half Indonesian (which unsurprisingly I get mistaken quite frequently for Kiwi or Philippine).ย ย Since then, my father always filled my head with dreams of travelling, learning new languages and cultures. Most importantly to be happy. These were my younger years. Since my early teens my Mother has been the predominant parent. I give her kudos on that as I was very much a raging, hormonal teenage bitch. She too didn’t understand then but we were literally so alike that fighting with each other was just pointless. Which we soon learnt years down the track. Never the less, we weren’t a perfect family but at one stage handling life and all the frustrations came into perspective for me. I guess Im one of the lucky few who appreciate my family as the mess it is.

tumblr_lswsec7HwL1qao35zo1_r1_1280.jpgMum and Dad fluently spoke in Indonesian (bahasa) til this day I can understand the dialect quite well but speaking it is my challenge. Here I am learning Spanish, French, German yet my own bahasa Im still yet to get a handle of. We only traveled asian countries when I was little, when we moved to Australia – travelling overseas didn’t happen as often as I’d like. Now being all grown up, I can understand how expensive it all would’ve been. But we did a lot of road trips around Australia. We first migrated to Darwin in which we lived for a few short years, before packing up shop and travelling in a caravan for which I could remember was weeks or even months. We crossed borders til we came to a little town called – Gympie. Don’t know what got into my parents that day, but Mum bought sausages from a local butcher and literally fell in love with the town (bless her cotton socks). And thereย we spent a majority of my childhood, through primary school to senior prom to graduation. Til I met the love of my life. From there it all changed.

Living in Gympie wasn’t ideal, but it was home. We had a beautiful mansion of a house. We bought the house and land, then built everything else with blood, sweat and tears. I think under one of those bricks at that house, we carved our names into the concrete. My heart sinks to think about that place. It was the best home a kid could ask for. But things change, families break up and thats where it left us homeless til Mum found a house to buy. Is this house our family home? no.. not to the slightest in my opinion but it was a family home for my brother who continued to grow up there.

This prompted me to live out my life, just as I imagined it when I was little. Luckily for me I met my travelling partner/companion/life of my life. Thus the journey begun…


This blog is 3 years delayed. I regret that as we’ve had incredible adventures over the last few years. So far we’ve been to:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Singapore
  • South Island (NZ)
  • South America – Peru & Santiago
  • UK – England & Scotland
  • Phillipines

So its been a long time coming to FINALLY get to Canada & Europe. I’ve dreamt of Canada and its snowy mountains, alpine landscapes and its wilderness. Then theres Europe, with countless traditions and cultures, languages and foods, landscapes and monuments. Most people choose Europe right up as a place to travel too first. Do I regret not going earlier.. yes and no. We’ve been to places that aren’t regularly visited. So to finally get this opportunity we needed more then just 2 weeks off work. We needed 3 months or so. I mean if it was up to us we’d move overseas and travel. But we have a house to pay off and 3 fur babies to care for. So this will be our last attempt in getting it all out of the way whilst were young and dependent free!

My childhood and upbringing led me to who I am today and what I want to achieve. So this is just a snippet of whats to come, travel plans, experiences, what to do and what not to do plus loads more. So keep tuned and lets see where this shall take us…

You don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination.



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