The UK – Scotland Part 1.


Travelling to the UK was by far one of my most memorable trips thus far. Why? I don’t know considering we’ve seen one of the 7 wonders of the world (Machu Picchu) which I must say for a cultural experience. South America is up there but we’ll touch on that later.

Planning our trip to the UK all began with an invite to a friends wedding, funny cos in saying that only a few months prior I was saying to hubby that ‘if we were to ever be invited to a destination wedding – lets go!’. Truth be told it happened!

I was over the moon and started our planning for that trip right away!!


The wedding was scheduled for April 11th 2015, so we decided to venture around the UK before hitting London, Ruislip for the wedding.

Our first destination after and enduring flight from Brisbane to Dubai was Glasgow.

First thing I realised coming off the plane was go god damn cold it was! Nothing like our winters here in Aus. Luckily I was prepared with plenty of knits and scarves. The most funniest and one of my embarrassing moments was entering the hotel foyer, they had one of those revolving doors. I thought to myself, yep this will be easy – first time using one of these thingy ma bobs they make it look easy on the movies. WRONG. Kurt entered and panicked and ran right up behind him along with my fat arse of a suitcase. So you guessed it, we got stuck. First time in the UK and people in the lobby were staring at us. Probably thinking what idiots. The hotel receptionist unstuck me and my suitcase and I shot through the revolving doors, stumbling to get upright again. Kurt just smirked and laughed at me.


Once we settled into our hotel we officially begun our trip. We set for the city/main square where I was DYING for a good english breaky, technically scottish but lets be frank theres not much of a difference other then black pudding. After our meal we checked out the city map over our dining table and decided where to go next before our Raggies bus tour. I remembered walking and admiring the architecture and streets when all of a sudden it started pelting down rain on us. That is an understatement it started to shoot bullets through our clothes! Imagine cold cold weather + rain + wind = torment! We jumped on a bus straight to the hotel when I started to notice something funny. Along the streets were damaged and unwanted umbrellas, flipped inside out, no material left on them. Thats when I realised, these Scots must make a killing in selling umbrellas and realised the umbrella I had in my hand was useless. So we ran, we ran so fast I almost face planted into the pavement. I saw the revolving doors, and this time managed to run right through it without getting stuck.


That ladies and gentlemen is when I experienced the first of UK weather.

It didn’t dampen my spirits what so ever, but literally seconds of entering those doors the rain stopped and the clouds faded away. Talk about bi polar weather!

The next day we had a bus trip up north and checked out the Inverness. Through its ruggard, beautiful terrain, I utterly fell Β in love with the Scottish country. Had a deep yearning like it was home to me (and technically it is considering myΒ family maiden name originated from the Macleod clan). It is hard to put/describe it in words, but Scotland is magical and whimsical. The weather changed on us several times in the day but it just made the harsh and beautiful landscapes every so picturesque. Learnt about the heather on the hills, and how to call the Scotland weather ‘Dreich’ like a cloudy, rainy day.

I didn’t take as many photos as I wished too, as I was just set upon taking it in through my own two eyes. We get so wrapped up with our iPhone screens these days that we forget the experience. But it also goes hand in hand, as if your anything like me you easily forget and photos/recordings bring it all back to life again. I don’t even think I had Snapchat then either.

After a day trip around the North of Scotland we headed our way back to Glasgow city. Then continued to embark our trip by rail through Scotland. We met some amazing people, ate the most english of foods, visited the oldest pubs in the world, and had our fair share of Whiskey. We visited castles, and the Loch Ness, we listened to Scottish bagpipes and modern music in the smallest and crampiest pub. It was electrifying. The people were so friendly and homely, whenever we got lost they went out of their way to show us around. A lady left her job at the market counter just to show us around the corner back to our hotel! Scotland was by far one of the most inspiring places I’ve visited.


I think my most favourite part of the trip was when our tour leader took us for a walk in their forrest. Seeing the nature through the window of the bus wasn’t enough, walking through this fairy like landscape was a dream. Just to think the locals get to do this on a regular basis! I was so jealous.

I also experienced my first fresh snow experience! Been and seen the snow before in Melbourne when I was 12 but never have I experienced it snowing! it was a glorious day. The locals ran inside whilst Kurt and I danced in it, til we realised how F’ing cold and wet it got when it soaked through our clothes.

By the end of our first leg of this trip we visited a dozen places – just to name a few:

  • Callander
  • Dunkeld – Inver
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow – Loch Lamond & Trossachs National Park
  • Inverness – Loch Ness
  • Linlithgow
  • Newtonmore
  • Pitlochry
  • Stirling
  • Urquhart castle

Never the less, Scotland is a MUST. For any traveller. Im definitely happy we did it, as you can see in the photos I couldn’t have worn a larger smile. Plus I was re-unitied with my ancestries land, so in a way I felt like I was home.







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