Almighty England Part. 2



After visiting the vast landscapes of Scotland we hit the city and village scapes of England. Travelling by train was by far the best thing we could’ve done, any train, any day we didn’t have to book seats and we got to skip queues! It’s definitely a recommendation for any traveller. Plus you get to see more of the country too, which was definitely one of our highlights.

wrong_train_by_severemus-d3j170dEven though it sounded easy and pleasurable didn’t mean us Wolski’s didn’t hit a few snags on the way, we had one incident where we caught the wrong train!! We were meant to be heading for London but ended up taking a train on its way to Wales. We jumped ship just in time too. But by god did it stress me out, out of us both, I’m obviously the organiser/interpreter whilst Kurt’s special abilities is navigation and currency. So catching the wrong train was definitely not pleasurable for me, as nice as Wales sounded, we had a wedding to get too!

It was quite noticeable how different England was to Scotland, not only the country and landscapes but the people. Yeh yeh, I know what your thinking, yes their accents too were different – but I didn’t notice that too much in London itself rather the people weren’t as friendly as too the people in Scotland. Hitting the city first probably doesn’t justify that, especially staying in Notting Hill for our first leg of our trip in England. It could be my Scot within me speaking but I did notice something amiss in the english air.

Never the less we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and walked each and every day to parks/shops/museums. Enjoyed the summer weather, which compared to Central QLD weather it was more like our winters at home. I must say the English definitely take pride in their gardens, their parks were one of the best I’ve visited in Notting Hill. So peaceful, green and luscious. As I would imagine NYC Central Park would be like.


Notting Hill was definitely one of my highlights, a very posh little suburb. Their houses/apartments stood out most too me. Like the famous blue door, many of the other houses had their own personality to each forefront of their buildings. We saw yellow, pink, blue, and green apartments side by side. Along with cute freshly pruned hedges and blossom trees. I noticed whilst walking on their streets that the people were nicely dressed too and also noticed the expensive cars parked outside each cafe. Then we noticed something… a huge line up for a particular cafe/breakfast bar. When we walked up closer to it we noticed it was an Australian breakfast joint and immediately stood in line. Why – honestly I don’t know. When we entered it was nothing compared to their breakies if anything it was more like a bondi, organic cafe. Paying $30 for a carrot and hummus with poached eggs and bacon. Learnt something that day… being Australian else where other then Australia is actually a good money maker.


Look at Bali for example, so many Australian owned pubs/bars. Yet its crawling with people each day. Kurt and I laughed and said we should open an “Australian steak house” in London, and it would be crawling with customers each night. No different to their food yet its the status they want.

After visiting Notting Hill we moved on to the exciting event – Wedding time!! The wedding was situated in Ruislip London, a short trip on the tube and we arrived at a cute little homey village. We arrived to our cottage/hotel room and set on getting ready for the big day.

If there is anything you want to do in life, definitely add in a overseas wedding. Witnessing an English wedding was by far a memorable experience. We arrived at a classic cathedral/church and saw our two friends create a lasting bond to each other. A bond that took an hour! It was a proper wedding. Priest and all. Nothing like I’ve seen in Australia. Australians get married on the beach with a celebrant i.e our wedding was very much like that. But this was beautiful. We then jumped abroad a vintage red double decker bus to the reception. Thats when the party began on that bus! Awful singing, laughing, drunken english antics. You name it we witnessed and experienced it, was amazing.

When we arrived to the reception location we were in awe. They had a saxophone/jazz singer in the background, waiters handing out champagne and canapés, petite little umbrellas and colourful fascinators seen within the crowd of people. The location was amazing, green pastures set upon a beautiful river where the Bride & Groom went on a pleasant little cruise for photos.


If outside was amazing, entering their reception was delicately decorated. With gold and pastel colours. Every spoon and fork you could think of. Much like the etiquette books I use to read when I was little. How to be a proper lady. Only then I realised how much of a Australian Bumpkin I’ve become when I accidentally picked up the cutlery from the person sitting next to me. Who quite observantly called it out on me. Whoops.

It was an amazing wedding, and I was so glad that we were invited. Definitely an experience of a lifetime with many many laughs and tears. The night continued on on the dance floor with plenty of strange dance moves and lots of laughs. From there we ended our night with a ride home on the vintage double decker bus.

We visited several little quaint towns in England including the home of Shakespeare in a beautiful village called Stratford-upon-Avon. We ate our weight in food, and immensely enjoyed the spring weather with a light snow here and there. We also watched Kurt’s die hard favourite team play in Liverpool at Everton Park, and sung along with the ecstatic fans. Travelled to Bath & Stonehenge, visited Madame Tassauds and cruised on the River Thames. England was a blur of memories, laughs and amazing adventures. Together with Scotland, the UK is certainly a must on the travel books!





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