We’re Up Up & Away – The Epic 7 Week Plan



All my life I’ve only dreamt of travelling. It was in my blood, the air I breathe, the foods I eat. I was very cultured growing up. Ofcourse as a dreamer I scribbled down various places to visit Europe at the top of my list all the way down to Canada and America.

Europe is an Aussies favourite destination, and something that most people do backpacking in their early twenties or late teens after school. Finding their way through life and eventually working behind bars and sleeping in hostels. Would’ve been a trip I longed to do earlier but alas we were saving up for other lifes means.

After several years of procrastinating and traveling other countries I eventually realised – holy crap. Im turning twenty five this year, and were married, I’ve accomplished most things in life that others haven’t yet, got a house and Im ready I guess… After being married for 4 years this year we’ve realised that we need to get our shit in order and look at expanding our Wolski clan. So with that being said we’ve compromised on a HUGE 7 week trip around the world and visiting 13 countries. 

I’ve always wanted to travel to Canada and even live there if I could. But being an adult now with a house, we have mortgages to pay and very little money to support us both if we were to live in Canada for a few months. So we decided to jetset there for 10 days. I wish it was longer but we have a few legs to our trip which will make Canada a quick and sweetly satisfying visit.

Our Itinerary is as follows:

Dates Location
17th March 2017 Vancouver


18th Drive to Kelowna
19th Drive through Vernon – Stay in Banff
20th Banff – Sightseeing


21st Lake Louise – Sightseeing
22nd Jasper
23rd Clearwater – Wells Grey National Park


24th Kamloops – Stay in Whistler
25th Whistler – Leave to Vancouver
26th Vancouver
27th Vancouver fly out

We’ll be hiring a car from Vancouver airport and zooming around in a Volvo sedan and taking in the breathtaking views of Canada.

After a few days stay in Canada we fly off to Spain & Portugal for 14 days… this was a MUST for Kurt. If it wasn’t for the country itself it was for his football games. From landing in Barcelona we’ll be staying for a few days and watching one of his games. To then flying to Madrid and picking up our little Alfa Romeo to set route on to south of Spain and back. Before flying to Lisbon in Portugal for a few days.

28th Barcelona


31st Train to Madrid


1st  Apr 2017
3rd Valencia
5th  Nerja


7th Granada
8th Lisbon Portugal



From here we’ll jetset to Paris, Amsterdam to Berlin. Where we’ll continue on our amazing Geckos Adventure through Eastern Europe. Trekking by train and staying in hostels with likeminded travellers. We investigated several touring companies and none met our standards or the countries we wanted to visit. I stumbled upon Geckos as an accident and asked the travel agent about it. It was perfect for us. More adventure suited, cheap and it hit the jack pot with the countries and landscapes. Check out our action packed itinerary here From Berlin to Venice

Here we’ll visit – can’t wait:


Once we stop in Venice (Italy) we’ll take a train to Milan and watch another one of Kurts’ infamous football games. Then to Florence and Rome. From Rome we fly out to Germany (Frankfurt) and back to Aussie soil on the 6th of May 2017.

Each and every day will be PACKED with adventures, sightseeing, breaking language barriers, eating new foods, drinking, singing, dancing and sooo much more. Excited, nervous and anxious all at once. That finally our dream holiday is coming true and were definitely hitting the ground running!

Cant wait to share this amazing adventure with you all! Stay tuned xx





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