Writers Block – My Return


This post is well over due, I am sincerely sorry for those whom were hoping to be following an epic blog. As the past few months – I have to be honest here – I’ve been very slack. We’re human were allowed to be right? You have no idea how 2017 has turned out for us!

Prior to writing and starting up this blog earlier in the year, I had a really strong initiative to stay on track and write to you all. But as life as so happens, earlier in January this year Kurt and I received some life changing news… that we are having a BABY!!

Yes you read that right, a two-legged, two-armed, tiny weeny human is currently growing in my womb… freaks me out too but as I keep reminding myself. Thats what the 9 months are for – preparation, money, spending, parenting classes, spending, and reminding myself that I can do this then cycle and repeat.

The day I found out, I was beyond belief, utterly flabbergasted, actually thought it was a cruel joke my body was playing on me. I mean, we’re married, we have a beautiful house and a lifestyle that compliments it. Children have always been in the picture but more so in the distant a year or two sort of future. Our families have been BEGGING for a grandchild dating back 2 years now. I always had the slight (but obvious) hints here and there but travelling is our thing. Has been for several years.

After the initial shock, and trying to get ahold of my husband whom was at that time working on a 4/1 roster onΒ theΒ other side of the country along with a 2 hour time difference (and strict phone rules). Β Our news was confirmed at 5pm that Friday afternoon on January 20 2017 (no-one forgets THAT significant day) after a call from my doctors with the results of my blood test earlier that day.

When Kurt received the news – it went over his head – I don’t blame him, I too was in shock. I always pictured that finding out I was pregnant would involve obnoxious nausea and ‘morning’ sickness. But I was fine (bless the stars) I was actually super lucky to have found out when I did at 4 weeks. Exactly 2 days prior to my period due date… and there you are – two solid lines on a pregnancy stick.

It was chance that I actually did do the test when I did, all thanks to a standard health checkup/procedure at my acupuncture appointment when my colleague asked if I was pregnant. I was honest and said I wasn’t sure as Kurt and I haven’t used protection for over 2 years. But I couldn’t be 110% and say no, so to answer her question I bought a pregnancy test that day.


So here I am – 21 weeks later (Im due for a bump pic update)… a growing bump, expanding each and every day. The day after I received the news I drove straight to my travel agency that morning, as I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the trip we had planned. A 7 week long adventure from Canada, Spain and Eastern Europe – backpacking – yes backpacking was intended! But my beautiful agent, put my thoughts at ease and said it was all perfectly timed as the period we were to start our trip I would be in my second trimester.

Now looking back, it was a gift to have travelled for when I did – a lifelong trip that turned into an epic Baby Moon!


Going back to my slackness… my first trimester was lazisome, no energy, nausea, unbearable hunger and vomitting here and there. So along with me being quiet on my blog, this complimented that phase that I was going through. All my intentions for being the writer you wanted me to be were tossed out the window. Other then trying to be as productive as I could be at work, I even slacked off in other areas of my life.

A business colleague of mine told me it was completely normal to slack off, particularly with our home business venture. If you would believe it or not – several of the ladies in our team were pregnant! I was just added to that posse. Now all I see is bumps and bubs everywhere – guess we all got busy in the past year!

So I’m writing to you to say… I’m Back!


Ready to give you the scoop from our epic trip around the world. Thanks for those whom have commented and followed my Instagram ( @wolski.marie) throughout my journey. Love the feedback I’ve been receiving – along with the photos I now need to provide you the travel journal in finer detail!

Stay tuned xx




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